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Abyse Walker LFC

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Abyse Walker LFC Empty Abyse Walker LFC

Post by Leo 27th October 2014, 15:59

Name / Name: dimitris
Age / Age: 22
Username / Nickname: Leo
Nickname in previous Servers / Previous Servers Nickname: Leo
Previous Servers / Previous Servers: Official,cosmos,bnb c3,bnb hi5,eglobal c3-c4,roxy,noobwars,rpg-club.
Past Clans / Previous Clans: bafoslocos
Specialization / Class: abyse walker
Race / Race: de
Level / Level: 62
Equipment / Equipment: theca set,shadow b weap
Other Information / Other info: exw eleuthero xrono gia ingame.xrisimopiw : skype,raidcall,ventrilo,mumble.parakalw apadistemou ingame kai oxi sto email den to xrisimopiw!


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